Default settings for spam tolerance and scoring sensitivity


A new partner account is preconfigured with default Spam Tolerance and Scoring Sensitivity settings. In most cases, these defaults work very well and should be used for the first two weeks to 30 days to establish a domain's mail flow baseline. If adjustments are needed, it is best practice to consider applying the changes to a user before a group or entire domain.

Email patterns vary between organizations and industries. Mailprotector's default settings work very well in most cases, and adjustments for outlying situations should be done with care. Please contact the Partner Success team with questions.

Default Settings

Spam Tolerance

The default mode is Normal. Quarantine messages scoring 200 or higher.


Scoring Sensitivity

  • Promotions: 75 (can't be set back to 75; recommend 80 if changed)
  • SPF soft fail: 100
  • SPF hard fail: 300
  • Encrypted Zip File: 600
  • All other sensitivities default to 0

Below is a  screen show showing the default settings of the sensitivity results.


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