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Configuring an inbound mail route on the G Suite domain is required to restrict message delivery from Mailprotector's servers and prevent spammers from using a direct connection to Google Gmail host addresses, bypassing Mailprotector scanning.

Configuration steps for an outbound mail routes are in the G Suite - Outbound Mail Routes article.

Applies to:

Google G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise


Before beginning the configuration of the G Suite mail routes, the Mailprotector Console should have the domain, inbound SMTP host address and users configured to ensure the Mailprotector solution is ready to scan and protect the domain.

If the domain and users are not configured in the Mailprotector Console, please start with Step 2: Add Users.

You should also have access to the domain's public DNS zone. Changing the MX record is a required step to provisioning Mailprotector. The MX record should be modified before configuring the inbound mail route on G Suite. View Step 3: Change the DNS MX Records for more information.

Configuration Steps

Inbound Mail Route Configuration

  1. Go to the Google Admin Console and click on Apps as shown in Figure 1.

    Fig. 1
  2. On the Apps Settings page, navigate through the pages by clicking G Suite > Gmail and you will arrive at the Settings for Gmail page as shown in Figure 2. Click on Advanced Settings to begin the configuration process.

    Fig. 2

  3. Scroll down to the Spam section and locate the Inbound gateway setting. Move your mouse over the setting and click on the Configure button as shown in Figure 3. If you have an existing inbound gateway setting, you will click on the Edit button instead.

    Fig. 3

  4. In the Add setting window, enter a description for the setting such as 'Inbound Email from Mailprotector.'

    Add the three transport and fifteen gateway IP addresses Mailprotector will deliver from:

    Check the boxes for Automatically detect external IP (recommended) and Reject all mail not from gateway IPs. This will allow Gmail to evaluate the correct origin IP address of a sender and prevent spammers from going around Mailprotector's systems.

    The completed settings window should look similar to Figure 4, and you will click on ADD SETTING in the lower right to save the changes.

    Fig. 4

  5. At the bottom of your browser window, you will see a notice that states 'These changes may take up to 1 hour to propagate to all users.' To the right of the message is a SAVE link as shown in Figure 5. Click on the SAVE link to complete the Inbound Mail Route configuration.

    IMPORTANT: These changes may take up to 1 hour to propagate to all users in the G Suite domain.

    Fig. 5


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