Bracket Provisioning and Welcome Email

Provisioning Bracket

1. Navigate to the User Group you wish to enable the Bracket service for - Customer > Domain > User Group
2. On the Main tab, select the Add and Remove Services button



3. Click the circled plus button to enable service for Bracket and then click OK



4. Configuring Outbound - If you have not previously done so, you will need to configure your on premise or third party mail server to relay outbound through Mailprotector.  This configuration allows Mailprotector to trigger encryption based on your Content & Policy rules.
5. Thats it!  Bracket is provisioned immediately for all users in that User Group.  Now lets move on to sending the Welcome email.

Make sure you have configured your outbound 





Welcome Email

This message is optional.  If you want to send the welcome message, you will need to define the First Name, Last Name, and Sending Email address.


1. Visit the Settings page on User Group or User
2. From the Settings page, click Bracket tab
3. Under the Bracket tab, view the Welcome Message For Users section - Click the 'Go here' link
4. Select the User(s) that you would like to send the welcome email to.  
5. Click the User Guide tab  
Note – When sending to yourself (same address), you will receive the email in Bracket portal, but will not receive an email notification (by design).  If you would like to see this email notification, simply use an alternate sending email address.
6. Select Bracket as the User guide to send
6. Enter the From details - First name, Last name, and from email address - This is the address the new user will receive the welcome email from.
5. Click Send

Note: This welcome email will be immediately sent to the user(s) in the group - The welcome message is a comprehensive guide that will walk the user through the Bracket email experience.


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