Integrate with Gradient MSP Billable


Mailprotector may be integrated with Gradient MSP to automate the licensing information for customers' accounts to Billable™. Gradient MSP will facilitate the data flow to your chosen Professional Service Automation (PSA) tool.

IMPORTANT: Gradient and Mailprotecto have updated the integration. Please see Migrating to Mailprotector Billing and Alerts Integration for details on upgrading your existing integration to the new features.



  • Access to Gradient MSP
  • Access to Mailprotector Console with Admin role manager account

How-to Steps

  1. Log into Gradient MSP first, and navigate to Integrations from the main menu.
  2. Find the Mailprotector integration card and click on Connect.
  3. Copy the Gradient API Key.

    IMPORTANT: Save this key someplace safe for future reference.

  4. Click the Open Portal button to log into the Mailprotector Console.
  5. In the Mailprotector Console, navigate to the Integrations page from the reseller level Overview page and scroll down to locate Gradient MSP.
  6. Paste the Gradient API Key from step 3 into the Partner API Key field and click Enable.

    NOTE: A list of service assignments will be presented. Ignore this list as you will map the services from Gradient MSP.

  7. Customers must be assigned to the integration. Click on the Customers page at the top navigation in the Mailprotector Console.
  8. Select a customer and click on Integrations from the customer level Overview page.
  9. Use the text field to search and select the corresponding customer in Gradient.
    1. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for each customer in the Mailprotector Console.
  10. Go back to Gradient MSP and click Check Connection to verify the integration.
  11. Click the Next button to continue and begin mapping the Mailprotector services to those in your PSA.
    1. Search for the services in Gradient, then drag and drop the PSA service name to the matching Mailprotector service.
    2. Once all needed services have been mapped, click Next to continue.
  12. Return to the Mailprotector Console and navigate to the Integrations page for your reseller account.
  13. To initialize the integration, click on the Update Counts button to finalize the configuration.
  14. Return to Gradient MSP and click the Finish button to complete the setup.

Follow your typical service reconciliation process from Gradient MSP to manage the billing of services to your PSA.

Gradient MSP has created a six-minute video showing the integration steps available on the integration announcement page.

If you have questions or run into issues, please contact the Partner Success team. We will do our best to help or offer suggested steps to try with Gradient MSP support.

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