Why am I not getting Message Review Notifications?

There are two reasons you may not be getting Message Review Notifications:

  1. You haven't received any spam. If Mailprotector doesn't see any spam within your "Message Review Visibility" score, then we will not send out a Message Review Notification.
  2. Settings in the console are configured incorrectly and are preventing Message Review Notifications from being sent out.

Common misconfiguration are:

  1. "Message Review Visibility" is set to low or equal to "Spam Tolerance" under the "Filtering" tab
  2. The "scheduled notification hours" are set to never send.
  3. The "Message Review Notifications" are turned off
  4. The "Schedule" time range is configured incorrectly. This usually includes setting the beginning and end times the same or having the end time be before the beginning time.
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