How do I reset my Console password?


Mailprotector does not have a traditional password reset process, i.e. - an email with a link to reset the password. To reset a manager's password, go to the manager's account using another manager account, and enter a new password. If there is only one manager account, please contact the Partner Success team for assistance.

Reset or modify a Manager account password

From the Reseller level, navigate to the Managers tab and click the manager's user name. On the manager's profile page, enter and confirm the new password.



By default, Mailprotector does not assign passwords to user accounts. The Message Review Notification and single-use, secure sign-in links provide access to the users' messages and settings.

If a user has or needs a password assigned, the password setting is in the user's profile.

BEST PRACTICE: The three typical use cases for assigning a password to a user account are:

   -- Access to an XtraMail continuity mailbox
   -- A user with a CloudMail hosted mailbox
   -- An account being used with SMTP Authenticated relay

Otherwise, passwords on user accounts are not recommended.

Set or modify a User account password

From the Domain level, navigate to the Users list. Click on the user's address. On the user's Overview page, click the ellipse icon on the right-hand side to open the user's profile.

Set or modify the user's password on the profile page.


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