Why do I need XtraMail and how do I turn it on?


XtraMail is an email continuity product that Mailprotector offers to ensure that users don't lose email communication if any equipment or service goes down.

XtraMail is a 30 day back up of all the email that has come through Mailprotector. XtraMail is a point-forward solution, and it is in place to help businesses stay up and running if email through other services goes down.

We offer XtraMail because we know as previous and current providers that to fix a problem, you have to first help your users. XtraMail is that quick fix for your users to keep working while you fix the underlying issues with their other products!

This article covers:

  • What XtraMail is
  • When you should use XtraMail
  • How to enable XtraMail
  • Common Question

 When XtraMail should be used

XtraMail can be used prior to a disaster to ensure that there is a Disaster Recovery solution for your users. This lets both your users and you have the peace of mind knowing that there is another system for email to function on when things go wrong.

XtraMail is also good in the moment of a disaster even if it wasn't enabled prior. The moment that XtraMail is enabled, we will begin copying emails from that point forward into the XtraMail portal.

This lets the IT providers fix things while their users continue to work without any disruption.

How to Enable XtraMail

  1. Navigate to the Mailprotector Console
  2. Navigate to the domain you'd like to enable XtraMail for
  3. Go to the "Overview" tab of that domain and select the "Products" graphicmceclip0.png
  4. Select the "Continuity" option and then select "Update" on the left.mceclip1.png

Once the product is enabled, each user will need a password to access their XtraMail portal. Below are the directions on how to mass update passwords for users.

Written directions for mass password updating:

  1. Navigate to the domain you're setting up
  2. Navigate to the "Users" tab
  3. Select the checkbox at the top of the list to select all the users on that page. If there are more then 50 users under the domain, select the "Select all" button that will appear.mceclip2.png
  4. Select the "Key" icon to open up the password reset window.mceclip3.png
  5. Input the desired password or automatically generate a password for your users. If the users want to set their own password, they can log in using the temporary one set here and then change their password to something more secure in their profile.

Video directions for mass password updating:

Common Questions

Can Mailprotector provide more than 30 days of email in Xtramail?

  • Mailprotector only has the ability to store up to 30 days of email using XtraMail. If you would like more storage, our archiving solution, SecureStore, provides unlimited storage.

Is Mailprotector always storing 30 days of email?

  • XtraMail is a point-forward solution. This means that we won't start storing email on XtraMail until the product is turned on. If you don't have XtraMail enabled, we won't store full emails in the system, only log data.

Does XtraMail extend my log data to 30 days?

  • The "Logs" section of the console is separate from the XtraMail portal. This means that the log data in the "Logs" section of the console will still only have 14 days worth of data regardless of any other solution that's enabled.

Why can't I access XtraMail for my Mailing Lists?

  • XtraMail only copies email over for User accounts and Discovered User account. If the "User Type" is a non-billable user in the console, an XtraMail account will not be available for that account.

How do I get my Sent Items into my mailbox now that things are fixed?

  • After things are fixed, you can log into XtraMail and email yourself your sent items. There isn't any synchronization with O365, G-Suite, or an exchange server. This means that nothing happens automatically just because things are back up
  • TIP: When the system goes down, go into the "Mail Flow" section of the console and pause email by toggling off the option "Inbound mail delivery." This will result in Mailprotector holding your email for up to 14 days, and XtraMail will continue to function normally so your users can keep working!
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