How MX Records Are Used for Email

Description of MX Records

An MX record is the hostname address to which email is delivered to from the Internet. Partners direct email to Mailprotector first before it is delivered to the email server. This allows Mailprotector to act as a filter between the Internet and the client's email environment.

The MX record is a DNS resource record that tells the Internet where emails for a domain should go. There can be multiple, prioritized addresses for the MX record. If the top priority email server fails to accept the message, the remaining servers in the MX record will be attempted in order of priority.

MX records are managed through the domain's DNS nameserver host. DNS nameserver hosts are often managed from the domain registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) or a web host provider.

Below are guides for how to manage MX records for the two most popular email server platforms:

Mailprotector's MX Records

Mailprotector provides 3 MX records, although only the first hostname is required. The MX records point email delivery to Mailprotector's CloudFilter.

In the Console, the records are displayed on the domain-level Overview page by selecting the Details under MX Record.

Mailprotector's MX records follow the format below:

Priority Hostname TTL (Time to Live)

1 Hour or equivalent

1 Hour or equivalent 

1 Hour or equivalent 


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