File Attachment Limits with Bracket Encrypted Emails


Bracket encrypted emails support file attachments up to 250 MB per file. There are differences in file attachment handling when emails are created from an email client versus the Bracket portal.

Applies To:

Bracket, encrypted email


File Attachment Limits

Message Originating from an Email Client

Although Bracket will support up to a 250 MB file attachments, email clients and servers typically do not. Sending a message from an email client will limit the file attachment to a maximum message size supported by the sender's client and server.

For example, sending an email from Office 365 through Mailprotector will allow a user to send a 150 MB message size. Please read Message Size Limits for more details. However, not all users' email solutions support message sizes that large.

Mailprotector supports messages up to 150 MB, so the email in the above example would be encrypted. Bracket will send a notification to the recipient, regardless of what the recipient's email solution supports because the notification email is a simple, small message.

Avoiding Message Size Limits with the Bracket Portal

Bracket encrypted messages can be composed in the Bracket portal. This allows a user to create a message that will not need to send the email and attachments through an email server first. Avoiding the email client and server provides the user an opportunity to upload a file attachment up to 250 MB to the encrypted message.

While this is possible, remember that the uploading of the file will be limited by the user's upstream Internet bandwidth over the HTTPS protocol. If the file needs to be encrypted, this is an excellent option. If the file does not need to be encrypted, considering a file-sharing solution may be a better path.


Use Cases

Requesting Files Securely

A CPA may want to provide a secure method for a client to submit their annual tax return preparation. The CPA can send the client a Bracket email with instructions to attach the files to the encrypted message in the Bracket portal, not having to worry about the file(s) being too large for typical email services.


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