Email Flow with Autotask


Protecting your domain with Mailprotector solutions can introduce email flow problems with Autotask if your domain's SPF TXT record is not modified correctly. This article describes the proper SPF record data to include when using Autotask.

Applies to:

Autotask partners, CloudFilter, SafeSend, Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

List Email Address + SPF Record

After implementing Mailprotector's solution on your domain, your support tickets will likely be delivered to Mailprotector's perimeter for security first. Two critical elements must be present to ensure your emails are delivered to the Autotask ticketing system.

  1. The email address used for sending and receiving tickets must exist in the Mailprotector Console. For example, if you use for your ticket communications, the support user will need to exist in the Console.
  2. The SPF record for your domain must include the Autotask servers that originate your ticket emails. If the record is not correct, CloudFilter may quarantine the emails for an SPF Fail, and your clients' email security solutions may also filter the emails.

After implementing Mailprotector's solutions for your domain, you will need to add the Autotask include statement to authorize emails from your domain to originate at Autotask's servers.

The statement is

If using Mailprotector's smarthost relay, the complete SPF record would be:

v=spf1 -all

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