HUD Icon Glossary

Shield adds an informative pillbox at the top of every email. The pillbox is called the HUD, or heads-up display. The HUD provides at-a-glance information about an email using icons and colors to help users make better and quicker decisions about the emails they read and process.

At first, the icons will not be familiar, but they are reinforced whenever a user views the message's X-ray. In addition to the typical use of the HUD and X-ray, users can reference the HUD Icon Glossary for more details. The icon glossary is a handy guide to learning what the icons in the HUD can tell a user about the message.

SUPPORT HINT: The Partner Success team may ask for the X-ray URL of an email you seek help for. The link to View X-ray is the URL to copy and paste into a support ticket.

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