Customer Transfer Process


A customer may wish to move to a different partner or reseller, or a partner may choose to "re-home" one or more customers. In either case, Mailprotector is happy to assist.

Mailprotector can move a customer and corresponding domains and settings without disruption to email flow or customer experience. However, since Mailprotector does not directly interact with customers, some requirements must be met before a customer is transferred.


Customer relationship disputes are between the partner and customer; Mailprotector's relationship is with the partners only. Therefore, to protect all parties against open disputes or business arrangements with a current partner, the following conditions must be met to transfer a customer:

  • The current partner/reseller must acknowledge and agree to release the customer to a new reseller in writing via a support ticket.
  • The current partner/reseller should provide a preferred date for the transfer to occur unless the transfer can be immediate.
  • The new partner/reseller agrees to accept the customer on the agreed-upon date.

Please keep in mind that Mailprotector billing is based on your invoice date, and no proration of services is offered. If you are unsure of your invoice date, please check the Billing tab in the Console on your reseller account.



Mailprotector performs the customer transfer process without interruption of services for the customer.  Mail flow, as well as all customer and user-level settings, will remain intact.

Mailprotector recommends discussing the transfer process with the customer to arrange a transfer date to coincide with existing billing arrangements. This is to avoid possible double-billing of the customer.

Expected Steps

  1. Request to transfer account is received via a support request.
  2. Mailprotector must receive acknowledgment and confirmation in writing from the current partner to authorize the customer account's transfer.
  3. The accepted date for customer transfer will be escalated to the Mailprotector DevOps team.
  4. Confirmation of completed transfer will be sent to both new and previous partners/resellers.

Since the process is not disruptive to service, a specific time is not provided. Only the date of transfer is important.


If you have any questions regarding the transfer of a customer to or from your reseller account, please contact the Partner Success team.

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