Configure the ConnectWise Manage Integration


This article will guide you through the process of enabling the ConnectWise integration for your account. There are two steps - creating and mapping the connection to your ConnectWise instance and then assigning the appropriate agreement for each customer.

The ConnectWise Manage integration provides a nightly update of service quantities for the mapped services to the customers' agreements you assign.

NOTE: Mapping a service to a product will update the quantity of the products only. Mailprotector's integration does not send any cost or price information.

IMPORTANT: If you are selling Bracket (which includes CloudFilter and SafeSend) as a bundle, the integration is not aware of bundle pricing. You will have three separate line items in the agreement with a cost and price for each. If you have more questions, please contact your Account Manager or the Mailprotector Support team

Applies to:

ConnectWise Manage

Configuration Steps

Enable the Integration

  1. From the Mailprotector Console, find Integrations on the right-side navigation, as shown in Figure 1.

    Fig. 1
  2. Click on the  button to enable the ConnectWise integration for your reseller (partner) account. You should see the ConnectWise logo under the Active Integrations. If the logo is gray and listed under Inactive Integrations as shown in Figure 2, you have not yet enabled the integration.

    Fig. 2

  3. Mailprotector requires an API Member public key and private key for your ConnectWise Manage account with a Role ID of Admin and permissions to the Company, Finance, and Procurement APIs. You will need your Company ID along with the public and private keys.

    NOTE: If you are using an on-premise or self-hosted ConnectWise site, you will need to check the box for Use a custom ConnectWise site and enter the FQDN of your ConnectWise Manage site.

    Enter the required information for the integration to connect to your instance as shown in Figure 3.

    Fig. 3

    Once you have entered your ConnectWise account information, click the  button.

Map the Products

  1. Looking at the Settings for the ConnectWise integration, assign Mailprotector services to your ConnectWise products.  If you do not wish to offer a specific service, leave it set to "Not Assigned."

    NOTE: If you create a mapping by mistake and want to remove it (back to "Not Assigned"), please open a support ticket with Mailprotector Support.

    IMPORTANT: The Exchange+ Basic, Advanced, and Premium products are deprecated and should not be mapped to any products. These items are listed for backward-compatibility with partners still providing the older products.

    Once you are finished mapping the services to your products, your screen should look similar to Figure 4. Click the button to complete the mapping of services.

    Fig. 4

Assign ConnectWise Agreement to Each Customer

  1. The final step is to assign the appropriate agreement to each customer you want to be connected to the integration. Start by navigating to the Customer's Settings page as shown in Figure 5.

    Fig. 5

  2. Click on the ConnectWise tab on the Settings page for the Customer. You will search for the company first by using at least the first 3 characters of the company name in your ConnectWise instance.

  3. Once you have the Company added, you will be able to choose the appropriate agreement from a dropdown list of agreements for that company. Your settings should look similar to Figure 6. Once the agreement has been selected, the integration for this customer is complete.

    IMPORTANT: The integration process runs once per night, checking for differences in the quantity of mapped services to products in the agreement. You will not see an update to the agreement until the next day.

    Fig. 6

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for every customer you want the integration to be connected.

The next day, after the integration has run for the first time, you should find updated products in the Additions tab of the Agreement.

If you have more questions or need additional assistance, please open a ticket with Mailprotector Support.


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