Adding a New Manager


This article will go over how to add a manager to the reseller level or customer level in the Mailprotector Console.

This article covers:

  • Adding a manager
  • Specific roles for managers

Adding a Manager

For a member of your support team to be able to access the Console, they will need a manager account. The manager account must have a role and a password to login successfully.

NOTE:  Manager accounts utilize a username to access the Console, not an email address

To add a manager:

  1. Navigate to the Mailprotector Console at
  2. Select the "Managers" tab under the reseller level

  3. Select "Add Manager" in the top left corner of the window

  4. Input the information for the manager account. The manager can change the password later when they access the Console.
  5. Add the appropriate role for the manager.

  6. You can choose a reseller or customer depending on what you'd like the manager to access. To do this, begin typing the name of your reseller account or the customer name that you'd like to associate with the manager.

After their role is selected, the manager will be able to access the Console with the password you input when creating the account.

Specific roles for managers

The different roles for managers are specified when you go to add a role. You can find this by selecting the "Compare" dropdown.

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