Adding a New Manager

Managers are created with permissions based on what organization they can manage and what administrative rights they have to make changes.

First Step:  Create the new manager by clicking the 'Add Manager' button.

  1. Create Login information - Username/Password
  2. Name & Email - First name/Last name/email

Once you have completed the creation of the manager, you must assign a Role.

Second Step:  Define the Role by clicking 'Add Role' from the newly created manager.

  1. What can they Manage
    * Select the account or domain for this manager.

  2. Chose a role
    * Administrator - Full control
    * Technical - Same as Administrator but no billing rights
    * Reviewer - May view stats and other traffic info with read-only rights
    * Billing - Has access to billing and stats

The newly created manager can then log in at

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