Adding a User Alias

A User Alias allows a User to receive mail to several usernames on the same domain.  For example, can also receive mail to

Note: The below instructions will not work for hosted Exchange users. Those aliases must be configured in the Exchange admin panel.

To add a User Alias:

  • Navigate to the domain you'd like to add an alias for
  • Select the "Users" tab at the top of the page
  • Select the user you wish to add an alias to



  • Select the "Aliases" button on the "Overview" page of the user's account



  • Select the "Add a user alias" link to add a new user alias



  • Type in the new user name

For example, if you want to also receive mail to, type "BMcNeal" in the box, and click add:



The User Alias will appear in the list, and the user will now receive mail sent to both usernames.



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