POP3 Clients receiving Duplicate emails

Due to the way certain email clients mark email for download and (seen/unseen), previously downloaded email could be re-downloaded as new creating a duplicate locally on the clients computer or mobile device.  This is specific to the local POP3 client and there is still only one copy on the server.

What can the client do to avoid ahead of time (1) or take action to remove locally if already downloaded (2)?

  1. Because POP3 clients only download the Inbox email, a separate folder can be created and mail moved to this folder to prevent the email client from downloading any legacy email.  This will prevent any further duplicates.
  2. If already downloaded a second time locally, you can simply delete the duplicate.  The email client should not download this message again going forward.


 Step 1 Options:

  • Due to the optional remove from the server after xx time period variable with POP3 clients, you could have varied results from just a couple days of duplicates, to a lifetime history (if never removed).  If your Inbox contains a large number of email that is not feasible to move locally, please contact support@mailprotector.com and we will happy to assist.

Step 2 Options:  

  • Many email clients have deduplication options natively.  Others require a third party application to be installed.  


For a full explanation of POP3 vs IMAP, click here.

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