Post-provisioning steps for improving security

Congratulations!  Once you have completed Step 4 (Modifying your DNS/MX records), you have essentially turned Mailprotector security on for your organization. We are now scanning and delivering the good email to your mail server.

Next Steps:

  1. Monitor Quarantine - We suggest you monitor your users' quarantine close for the first couple of weeks.  Mailprotector is tuned to work "out of the box," but you will want to verify that email that might be considered 'gray spam' (junk for some, needed for others) is not missing from your inbox. In the rare case a false positive is experienced, you can set an allow rule to permit all future correspondence from that sender to deliver (regardless of score).  Information regarding User Quarantine
  2. Configure Outbound Security through Mailprotector - Basic outbound is provided as a component of CloudFilter email security. SafeSend icon-ext-url.pngoffers enhanced outbound functionality including, compliance footers, message rule controls, outbound quarantines, and enforced email encryption (with Bracket encryption services). The provisioning for basic and enhanced outbound (SafeSend) is the same, and you can find information on configuring outbound security here.
  3. Lockdown your mail server to only accept from Mailprotector - Once you have given DNS time to propagate completely, meaning no further MX record queries will resolve directly to your mail server, we recommend that you restrict SMTP access to only allow from Mailprotector IP addresses.icon-ext-url.png This restriction can be entered at the firewall and/or the mail server itself.
  4. Check out your Mailprotector management console for a summary view of stats - You will find a summary view for your partner account as well as the ability to drill-down to domain specific stats. The Overview page will display the last 7 days summary (Fig. 1) of both inbound and outbound email. The Message statistics are found below the Status and Products on the Overview page.

    Figure 12020-03-06_15-41-31.png

  5. Check the Status for the domain and groups - The Status will display on the Overview page/tab of your Domain and Group pages. This information will give you a summary and live check of your current MX records, mail flow from Mailprotector delivery IP addresses, and SPF record state if you are relaying outbound email through Mailprotector. If the status is green (Fig. 2), then all three tests are good. If red (Fig. 3), one or more items need attention. Grey status boxes are lacking enough data to provide information. Just click on the box for detail.

    Figure 2

    Figure 3
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