Provisioning my domain with Hosted Exchange+ 2013

  1. If not a current Mailprotector domain, enter from your Mailprotector management console.
  2. Click on the domain (or user group) to provision the Exchange Plus service
  3. Click Add/Remove Services icon
  4. Click the + sign next to Exchange +
  5. Confirm you would like to provision the domain as Hosted Exchange + 2013
  6. You will then see a confirmation screen at the bottom of the page (in blue) indicating our team has received your request.  We will then complete the provisioning on our end and let you know by email when this is complete.  
  7. You will receive instructions from there on how to complete the provisioning (including adding mailboxes, distribution lists, alias, and contacts).

Video - The above steps activating Hosted Exchange + for domain on the Mailprotector management panel.




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