Enter and Confirm my SRV record

Autodiscover Setup - DNS


Before setting up your individual email clients (Outlook 2010/2011/2013 or Mac Mail), you will need to enter an SRV record for your domain.

What is Autodiscover and why do I need it?

Action: Create an SRV record in the external DNS zone that matches the right side of your user’s SMTP addresses. For example, if a user’s primary SMTP address is user@contoso.com, the record must be created in the contoso.com external DNS zone.

1) Remove any Wildcard or CNAME records for the domain.  Any conflicting records can result in certificate warnings or clients to resolve to the wrong Mail Servers.
2) Add the following SRV record in your domains DNS (examples from Amazon Route53 and Godaddy below).

Service: _autodiscover
Protocol: _tcp
Port Number: 443
Host: autodiscover.emailservice.io
Priority: 0
weight: 0

Example screenshots from Route53 and GoDaddy DNS panel below.

3) Test - Once completed, you can verify on your Mailprotector management console by clicking Domain > Red/Green Status Box in top left of the navigation bar.

Note:  DNS may take some time to update/propagate the new SRV record and for the new setting to reflect in the Status box.

Sample DNS Entries:


Amazon Route53





Once you've entered and confirmed your SRV record, click here to setup Outlook to connect to your Hosted Exchange.


Please be aware that in order to be able to configure an Out of Office auto-reply, a valid SRV record must be in place.  As well, if you do not have a valid SRV record in place, you may receive a security warning on starting Outlook.

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