View Your Quarantine via RSS Feed


Some users may have a need or desire to have an up to date view of their spam quarantine. This can be accomplished using the RSS feed with Outlook or other RSS-compatible clients.

Configuration Steps

Obtain the RSS Feed URL

  1. Log into the Console at
  2. Navigate to the individual user's account
  3. Select the Ellipse icon on the far right-hand side (Fig. 1)

    Fig. 1

  4. Viewing the user's profile select the link to receive the desired RSS feed as shown in Figure 2. Combined Quarantine Feeds include spam, virus, and policy quarantines. You can also choose which feed you'd like to see individually between the three options.

    Fig. 2

  5. Copy the address from the desired section and follow the below steps in Outlook

Add the RSS Feed URL to Outlook 2010

NOTE: Outlook 2016 for Mac does not support RSS Feeds. Please see for more information.

NOTE: Adding an RSS Feed to Outlook 2013 and 2016 is slightly different. Please read Manually Add an RSS Feed to Outlook from the Microsoft Support article at

Below are example instructions for adding the RSS feed to Outlook 2010:

  2. Click the RSS Feeds tab
  3. Click New
  4. Right-click in the blank address field and select Paste, or press CTRL+V
  5. The completed steps should look similar to Figure 4. Click the Add button to finish the steps.

    Fig. 4

  6. The RSS Feed Options window will open as shown in Figure 5. You can change the folder used for data storage and modify the download options. When finished, click the OK button.

    Fig. 5

  7. The RSS Feed has been added to Outlook and will be listed under the RSS Feeds folder in Outlook 2010 as shown in Figure 6.

    Fig. 6


The RSS feeds allow a user to view a summary of the messages in their quarantine directly from the email client. The feed contains quick links for releasing messages, but the user will need to login to the Console to delete messages.


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