Create MX Records on Godaddy

About MX Records

A mail exchange (MX) record identifies a server that handles email messages for your domain. A domain has one or more MX records listed in priorty order. When someone sends an email message to your domain, the sender's mail server delivers it to the first available server in the priority list. You create new MX records, or change their priority, in order to change how email is processed for the domain.

You create MX records using the administration tools available from your domain provider.

Create MX records for a domain hosted by GoDaddy

    1. Log in to your account at by clicking the My Account tab.
    2. Under the Domains header, find the domain you're using with Mailprotector. Use the gear drop down to select 'Manage DNS'.
    3. Either modify a current MX record or select the green ADD button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Add your domain specific MX record - This record is your 'On' switch and will begin routing email through Mailprotector systems. 
      • Enter the corresponding priority in the Priority field.
      • Enter an @ sign in the Host field.
      • Select 1 Hour from the TTL drop-down list (or use default).
    5. Once you've added your Mailprotector MX record in the table and deleted the old records, click Save Zone File at the top or the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! Your new MX records now point to Mailprotector. New email will begin routing through our systems immediately but keep in mind that full propagation can take 24-48 hours.  During this time you will receive email through Mailprotector as well as mail delivered using previous MX records.  You should wait 48 hours from this point to lock down your mail server to only accept from Mailprotector IP's.


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