How To: Use Custom Rules to Block Specific TLDs

Why would I want to block a TLD?

You may wish to block an entire top level domain if you find yourself receiving a large amount of spam or other unwanted mail from a specific top level domain. For instance, the TLD for Belgium is .be.

If you find yourself receiving a lot of unwanted mail from a .be address, you do not otherwise need to do business with anyone using a .be address, and all other email blocking options have been exhausted, you may wish to block any and all mail from .be addresses.

Creating a Custom Rule to Block TLDs

By creating a custom rule, you can dictate how mail is handled based on various conditions. In this article, we will be creating a rule to quarantine any mail from a specific Top Level Domain.

To begin, open the Content & Policy settings, in the Mailprotector dashboard.



Open the Custom tab of the Content & Policy settings page.



Click the Add Inbound button.



Set the conditions: If Senders Domain Ext. is biz (substitute the TLD you want to be blocked for biz)



Set the action you want taken on matching messages, and click Save.



For Further Assistance

For further assistance, please contact Mailprotector Support.

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