SafeSend - Outbound Scanning Configuration

If you are a Manager with sufficient role permissions to make service changes for your organization, you can activate SafeSend from the Mailprotector console.  

Step 1: Turn SafeSend On



Once enabled, you will see the SafeSend button listed in your Active Services and all users in this SafeSend Domain and/or User Group will instantly have the following features:

  • Compliance Footers
  • Content and Policy Controls
  • Outbound Quarantines
  • SecureCircle - Forced Outbound TLS



Step 2: Enter Outbound SMTP Host Address

The Outbound SMTP Host Address is the outbound public IP address of the mail server relaying to Mailprotector. It is important that you enter this address correctly.

NOTE: This IP address is typically the same IP address as the Inbound SMTP Host Address but could be configured on a different public IP. You will need to verify this by checking the server or firewall configuration.

NOTE: Outbound SMTP Host Addresses for Office 365 are preconfigured by Mailprotector. No address is needed if configuring an Office 365 Send Connector to Mailprotector. Details can be found in the article on Office 365 Connectors.



Step 3: Configure outbound SMTP connector (relay) on your mail server

Configure a new SMTP connector for your domain to relay through your Mailprotector regional outbound servers: 

All regions - <where domain.tld is your FQDN>



Step 4: Add SPF TXT Record Entry to DNS

Implementing SPF for Outbound Email Delivery - Tell the world where your outbound email will be coming from.

The key to successfully implementing SPF with Mailprotector is to include a comprehensive list of Mailprotector outbound ranges in your DNS SPF record.  This is entered and resolved by the 'include' hostname based on your region and new ranges may be added in the future without notice but you can ensure your record is always up-to-date with the 'spf1 include:spf.<region> -all' statement.  Please make sure to visit the Add SPF Records article for specifics on regional syntax.



Helpful Links:

Easy to use wizard for creating SPF record.

To verify whether your SPF record is correctly setup in your DNS, visit

 See the following link for more information: SPF record setup. 


With our SafeSend service enabled, you can use our Secure Circle to designate recipient addresses that should be delivered to using an encrypted connection. See  more info on "Secure Circle" here

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