Cut Over Exchange+ Mail Flow to New Email Server

After migrating data from Mailprotector's Exchange+ hosted mailboxes to the new email server, the mail flow will need to be direct to the new email server. This article provides the steps needed to create a manageable cutover without changing MX records or having to pause inbound email delivery.

REMINDER: Mailprotector's Exchange+ 2013 and 2016 platforms will be shut down on December 31, 2021. There will not be an extension of these services. Failure to migrate and move email hosting to another service may result in lost email service and data.


Mailprotector relies on Groups in the Console to manage services and settings for users and email addresses. This concept will be used to create a new Group that will direct the inbound destination host to the new email server. This process can be used for any email server destination, including but not limited to Microsoft 365, Intermedia, SherWeb, Google Workspace, and others.

Configuration Steps

Create New Group for New Email Server


1. Begin by navigating to the domain's Overview page in the Mailprotector Console.

2. Click on the All users button to the right of the domain name to bring up the Group dialog box.


3. On the Group dialog box, click on Manage your list of groups.

NOTE: Your list of Groups may be different, depending on the Exchange+ platform used and the current configuration of the domain.

2021-10-01_10-21-23.png 4. From the Group management page, click on the Add group button.
2021-10-01_10-22-24.png 5. On the Add Group page, provide a name for this Group. If it were Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, you could name it Office 365. The image shows an example of New Email Server.

6. Still on the Add Group page, scroll down and select the products needed for this group. If using Microsoft 365 Exchange Online or Google Workspace, please click on the Hosting icon to select the appropriate server.

7. Once the hosting and products are selected, click the Add Group button at the bottom of the page to complete the creation of the Group.

2021-10-01_10-23-26.png 8. Once the steps above are completed, you will be on the Overview page for the new Group. Click on the Mail Flow tab.

9. On the Mail Flow page, scroll to the Inbound mail flow section and add the appropriate Inbound mail destination host for the new email server. The image shows an example of the likely hostname for a Microsoft 365 deployment. Notice the Saved indicator confirming the destination host address change.

Other email services will provide recommended MX records for their servers. Please use the MX records for your email service as the destination host address.

2021-10-01_10-25-33.png 10. Once you've set the Inbound destination host address for the new Group, you have completed the Group configuration and are ready to move users and addresses to change the mail flow. If ready, navigate to the domain's Users list to view all users and addresses in the domain.


Move Users to Cut Over Email Delivery

If you are ready to cut over the delivery of emails from the Exchange+ servers to the new email server, follow the steps below from the domain's Users tab. See Step 10 above on how to get to the Users list.


1. Viewing the Users tab, select the Address(es) you are ready to cut over the delivery to the new email server by selecting the checkbox to the left of the address.

BEST PRACTICE: You do not need to select or move the Public Folder addresses.

2021-10-01_14-31-51.png 2. Once you have the address(es) selected, click the 'moving truck' icon at the top of the address list.

3. The Move Users dialog box will open. Select the new Group you created in the steps above. In this example, the Group name is New Email Server.

4. Click the Move button to commit and save the move of the address(es).

2021-10-01_14-43-11.png 5. Confirm the address(es) have been moved to the new Group by checking the Group column in the Users list. You should see the address(es) as members of the new Group.


Confirming Mail Flow

After moving the users and addresses to the new Group, it will take two to five minutes for the change to be recognized by Mailprotector's transport servers. Please be patient before attempting to test the delivery of email to the new servers.

Once a few minutes have gone by, you should be able to send a test email to confirm the change in delivery.

If you have more questions about this process, or need assitance, please open a support request with Partner Success.


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