Migrating to or adding Exchange+ services to an existing domain in the Console


A customer that is already protected by Mailprotector's services using an on-premise server and wants to migrate their email to Exchange+ hosted services.

Email is already being delivered to Mailprotector's perimeter, which will provide some flexibility in deploying the hosted Exchange+ mailboxes. However, it will be necessary not to change the configuration of the users in the Console until the new mailboxes are ready for use.

Applies to:

Exchange+ hosted email, Exchange Panel, mailbox migrations


It is the partner's responsibility to perform the migration of data and configuring the customers' Outlook profile configurations. DNS changes will be needed for Autodiscover, as well. Mailprotector can not provide the processes, and specific details since each customers' situation and environment are unique.

Summary of configuration steps:

  • Create a new User Group for the Exchange+ service
  • Go to the Exchange Panel to create the mailboxes for all users
  • Move the users' Mailprotector accounts from the existing group to the new Exchange+ enabled group to start delivering email to the new hosted mailboxes
  • Connect new Outlook profiles to the hosted mailboxes

Preparing the Exchange+ mailboxes

Begin by navigating to the customer's domain in the Mailprotector Console and going to the User Groups of the domain.

  1. Create a new User Group to add the Exchange+ service to the domain.
    1. Select the "Manage your list of groups" option under the group selection button called "All Users"
    2. Select the "Add Group" button
    3. Input the name of the group and change the Hosting option to Exchange+

  2. Go to the Exchange Panel and create all required mailboxes
    1. Select the "Users" tab at the top of the page
    2. Select "Manage Exchange"
    3. Select "Add New" to begin adding users2019-12-06_14-01-07.png
  3. You may confirm access to the mailbox by logging into one from OWA (https://exchange.emailservice.io)

Connecting to the hosted Exchange+ mailboxes

  1. Add the Autodiscover SRV record to the customer's public DNS
    1. Under the "Overview" tab, select the "Autodiscover" status button
    2. This is the necessary information to input into your DNS records for successful autodiscovery

The Autodiscover information is an SRV record. Each DNS management interface will handle the SRV record entry in a specific way. Please contact the DNS management host provider's support for help on adding the Autodiscover information, if needed.

IMPORTANT: Replacing an on-premise Exchange server means the local Active Directory DNS will have Autodiscover information for the on-premise Exchange server. You will need to take extra steps to connect a new Outlook profile to the hosted Exchange mailboxes. Otherwise, the users' computers will continue to connect to the on-premise server.

Connect a new Outlook profile to the hosted mailbox

  1. Since the on-premise server will still be answering Autodiscover requests, please temporarily change the computer's DNS settings to point to Google's public server:
  2. If using Outlook 2016, please download AutodiscoverFixMP.reg and install the Registry update from KB article Outlook 2016 not connecting to Exchange+ hosted mailbox
  3. (Recommended) Run "ipconfig /flushdns" from the command line and restart the computer.
  4. Create a new profile in Outlook and follow the steps to add a new Exchange mailbox.

If connecting the new Outlook profile to the hosted mailbox fails, please be sure all the steps above were taken. Autodiscover is dependant on proper DNS responses, and this can be difficult to achieve if not configured accurately. Mailprotector support does not have visibility into customer networks, Active Directory, or DNS configurations.

Cutover mail flow from the on-premise server to hosted mailboxes

Since the domain's MX record already points to Mailprotector, moving the users from their existing User Group(s) to the new Exchange+ User Group tells the Mailprotector system to change where emails are delivered. This process is quick and allows you to perform the cutover of email delivery more efficiently and predictably.

  1. Move the user accounts from the current group to the newly created Exchange+ enabled group
    1. Select the "Users" tab for the whole domain
    2. Select the users you would like to migrate to Mailprotector's Exchange+ product
    3. Select the "Move" icon
    4. Select the Exchange+ group and then select "Move"

Within a few minutes, email will begin delivering to the new hosted mailboxes.


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