Emails End Up in the Junk Email Folder


In rare cases, users on Office 365 (O365) find that legitimate emails are sent to the Junk Email folder despite being checked by Mailprotector's filters. There can be several reasons for the situation. This article describes how to add Mailprotector's transport IP addresses to the Office 365 tenant's connection filter IP allow list. It should prevent Office 365 from sending emails scanned by Mailprotector to a user's Junk Email folder.

Applies to:

Office 365 (O365), Exchange Online, Outlook


The article assumes Mailprotector has been set up to protect the Office 365 tenant domain and the Inbound Connector has been implemented. The configuration steps below are performed from the Exchange Admin Center on Office 365.

NOTE: Before taking these steps, please try disabling the Junk Email folder settings in Outlook. Often, it is the Outlook client making the decision, not Office 365's Exchange Online Protection.

Configuration Steps

  1. Begin by logging into the tenant domain on Office 365 and navigate to the Exchange Admin Center.

  2. From the Exchange Admin Center, click on the protection link as shown in Figure 1.

    Fig. 1

  3. On the protection settings page, click on the connection filter option as shown in Figure 2.

    Fig. 2

  4. You will see a Default connection filter. Double-click the Default connection filter to open the settings.

  5. In the settings window that opens, click on connection filtering and add the three transport IP addresses used in the Inbound Connector. The IP addresses are:

    The settings window should look similar to Figure 3. Click the Save button to complete the configuration.

    Fig. 3


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