ForcEncrypt V1 - DLP options

1. Outlook Plugin 

Employ a keyword strategy using the available Outlook plugin.  Look for a keyword in the subject line or a pattern in the message matching defined search terms.

Note:  This DLP strategy is only enforced when using the Outlook plugin.


2. Crypto-Relay 

Office 365 (and other Exchange servers) can be configured to relay specific Exchange defined triggers to Crypto-Gateway servers.  We currently support all third party DLP engines such as Microsoft DLP.

The Secure Messaging Crypto-Gateway casts a wider net for facilitating data leakage protection. It sits in-line between the mail server and Secure Messaging to offer high availability processing. For users, this translates into transparent outbound encryption, with all secure messages stored decrypted in the mail server. External guest users continue to benefit from all the same plug-ins such as Microsoft Outlook and mobile apps with the ability to store decrypted content behind their firewall in their own mail server, without any special server configurations. Figure 1 below describes the scenario of on premise email and Gateway with Cloud third party archiving.


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