How to Provision ForcEncrypt For Email

Process of enabling/activating from your Mailprotector Management panel.

  1. Select Domain or User Group to enable services

  2. From the Main tab, click Add/Remove Services button

  3. Click the + (enable service) button for ForcEncrypt for Email

  4. Verify you want to enable this service by clicking 'ok' 


Once confirmed, all users in the domain or user group that you enable ForcEncrypt for will be active and provisioned.  You can add or delete ForcEncrypt users by adding to or removing from this group.  

All users will be provisioned immediately and Invite emails sent to each mailbox.

Important Note for accounts hosted outside of Mailprotector:  Make sure you have your Inbound Mail settings configured prior to activating your users mailboxes for ForcEncrypt for Email.  MX records are optional at this stage but Mailprotector systems need to know where to route the invite email to finish the client configuration.  



What happens next..End User configuration

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