Adding an alias to an Exchange 2016 Mailbox

This knowledgebase article will guide you through the process of adding a user alias to an existing Exchange 2016 mailbox.


Accessing the Exchange Panel

Accessing the Exchange Panel can be done under any domain that has the Exchange service enabled. 

To access the Exchange Panel, you will:

  1.  Log into the Mailprotector console at
  2. Navigate to the domain you want to access
  3. Select the "Users" tab while under the domain
  4. While under the "Users" tab, select the "Manage Exchange" button

Adding a User Alias

In the Exchange Panel, select Users from the right hand menu.



Click on the Display Name of the user you wish to modify.



From the email menu, select Edit


You can add one or more aliases via the "Modify Email Aliases" field


Once finished, click the button.

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