Deliver Email to a Different Port (Other Than Port 25)

It may be preferable or necessary, depending on your server configuration, to have your mail delivered over a port other than the Mailprotector default of 25.  This article will guide you through the process of changing the delivery port used by Mailprotector.


Changing Your Mail Delivery Port

In the Mailprotector Console, navigate to the Settings page, under your Domain.  The setting we will be changing is the Inbound SMTP Host Address.


Click the "Edit" link, and add a colon, followed by the port number, to the end of your mail server IP.  For example, if your mail server IP is, and you want Mailprotector to deliver your mail via port 587, add ":587" to the end of your IP:



Once you have the port number added, click "Save".  Your Inbound SMTP Host Address should now look something like this:

Mailprotector will now deliver all mail via the port you have specified.


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