(2016) Step 1: Add/Manage Your Exchange Mailboxes

Exchange+ Mailboxes are managed via the Exchange Panel.  This article will guide you through the process of accessing the Exchange Panel and adding new mailboxes.

NOTE: This article is for Exchange 2016 customers.  If you are on our Exchange 2013 platform, please see this article instead.

Accessing the Exchange Panel

Accessing the Exchange Panel can be done under any domain that has the Exchange service enabled. 

To access the Exchange Panel, you will:

  1. Log into the Mailprotector console at emailservice.io
  2. Navigate to the domain you want to access
  3. Select the "Users" tab while under the domain
  4. While under the "Users" tab, select the "Manage Exchange" button

The Manage Exchange button will log you into your Exchange panel where you will enter all Mailboxes, Contacts, Distribution Lists, and alias data. You will want to make sure all mail-enabled addresses are entered here prior to changing your MX records.


Adding a new User

To begin adding a new user, click the button.  This will present you with the new user dialog:

Fill in the user's information, and then click Next.  You will now be asked to provide the user a login.  This should match the user's email address.


Once you have filled that in, click Next.  You will now be asked for the user's email address.  Check the "Enable Mailbox" checkbox, fill in the user's email address, and click 'Complete'.


Optional - Immediate update

All new Users will sync and fully propagate automatically within a 60 min cycle (default).  They will be able to send and receive email after this sync.  If you need this updated immediately, you can manually run this sync following the process below.

Manually forcing sync

1. Navigate to the "User Sync" tab
2. Scroll down to the "Manual Sync" area
3. Click the "Sync & Save" button on the right-hand side




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