How To: Have spam delivered to your Junk folder

This KB article will guide you through the process of reconfiguring your account so that spam messages will be placed in your junk folder, instead of held in Quarantine.  This will involve some changes to the Mailprotector Console, as well as a custom mailbox rule in OWA.

Note: Configuring your account this way will de-activate several features, such as Email Security Reports.


Changes to the Mailprotector Console

Log in to the Mailprotector Console, and navigate to //Users/$user/Settings via the right hand menu.


Open the tab.


In the Spam Tolerance window, select the "Tag Only" preset and set the tag value field to: [spam]


Click the button.



Creating the Mailbox Rule

For Exchange users, we recommend creating this rule in OWA, not Outlook; this will allow the rule to continue to run even if Outlook is closed.

Log in to OWA, and navigate to Options

In Exchange 2016 OWA, navigate to "Inbox and Sweep Rules.


Create a new rule, with these parameters:


Once you have the rule configured, click the button.



From this point on, any mail Mailprotector flags as spam will be delivered to your Junk folder.  As a reminder, you will not see these messages detailed in a Security Report, and they will not be held in your Mailprotector Quarantine.

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