iOS Device Configuration for Exchange 2016

You will first need to navigate on the IOS device to: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts > Add new Account

Mobile settings for the iPhone and other IOS devices requirments:

  1. Username - Your email address
  2. Password - Password for your email address
  3. Server -



1. In the iOS Mail Contacts & Calendars settings, tap "Add Account"


2. Select "Exchange" for the account type.


3. Type in your email address, mailbox password, and an account description, then tap "Next." Note: the "Description" field may be set to anything you like.




4. You will be presented with an "Unable to verify" error. Tap "Ok."


5. Tap the Save button on the Account Settings window.


6. You will be presented with a warning that the account may not work. Confirm this warning by tapping "Save."


7. Activate or deactivate the mailbox sync features to suit your needs, and tap "Save."


8. Tap the account you just created to re-enter the account properties screen.


9. Tap the "Account" field.


10. Fill in the "Server" and "Username" fields.

Username: your full email address




11. Tap "Done."


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