CloudMail manual setup for iOS devices

1. Recommended - Automatically configuring your CloudMail account on an iOS device from Safari:

Follow the recommended automatic configuration link for a 1-2-3 process of adding your account to your mobile device. Installing this profile will automatically add an IMAP, CardDav, and CalDAV account your iOS device.   


2. Alternate - Manual configuring your CloudMail account on an iOS device:

 This video will guide you through manually configuring your CloudMail account on your iOS device (no audio).


The settings for configuring your iOS device are as follows:

Incoming Server (IMAP):

Port 993

SSL Required


Outgoing Server (SMTP):

Port 587

TLS Optional


Removal Note: To remove the account from the iOS device after installation, go to Settings > General and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Select the profile and click delete.

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