Autotask Deployment Guide

Mailprotector integrates with Autotask to provide a seamless single pane management portal.  With this integration you can set up and manage services as well as report usage back (for billing and invoicing). You can also download LiveLinks from your Autotask AXN catalog to help support your team through one-click access to your Mailprotector management panel.

Deployment is simple and only take a few minutes.

  1. Activate Autotask - Through your Reseller > Integrations page found on the right navigation of your Mailprotector management panel.
  2. Associate the Mailprotector Services to the corresponding Autotask services.
  3. Connect your Customer
  4. LiveLink Integration - Mailprotector provides a number of pre-configured LiveLinks to assist in management and ticket support.  Through the Mailprotector published LiveLinks, you will be able to access key information regarding client and account data with a single click.

We have also added knowledge base information on how-to create a personalized LiveLink not listed in the AXN library.

Billing/Invoicing Notes

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