What is ForcEncrypt End-to-End Encryption

ForcEncrypt from Mailprotector is a cloud-based email encryption service which enables internal and external email users to send, track, and receive confidential messages.  

Customer Benefits by Vertical

- Compliance with Graam-Leach Bliley Act in USA: protect consumers against disclosure of financial data to unauthorized parties: encrypt all data in transit and in storage
- Risk Management: proactive prevention of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive company information
- Encrypting high-value data reduces effectiveness of cyber-theft as information is unusable
- Provides secure method for gathering personal customer information

- Helps meet compliance with Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) in USA: security of personal health information (PHI)
- Provides secure method for gathering personal information
- Compliance with data jurisdiction requirements of storage within national boundaries
- Provide means to send large files (patient documents & x-rays) when making a recommendation from clinical office to surgeon/specialist

- Provide secure communication channel for the transfer of attorney-client privilege information
- Proof of receipt via the Delivery Slip provides legal non-repudiation
- Secure Messaging insures that sensitive, high-value data such as pending corporate agreements or intellectual property are safe from cyber-theft
- Ease of use and integration into existing workflow is critical for legal staff who don’t have bandwidth for training on new system
- Leverage large file transfer to securely send encrypted files such as legal agreements to be red-lined, or confidential client information
- Use of FYEO for additional security when sending personal/privilege information to shared mailbox

- Provide a secure communication platform to engage with citizens and solicit feedback on policies: remove need to physically visit office, fax information or send via post
- Ensure high adoption among technically illiterate end users to ensure critical mass of users
- Can be deployed without any changes to existing mail infrastructure allowing approval for Secure Messaging to bypass lengthy impact analysis
- No need to manage complex database of public/private encryption keys, relieve burden on Administrative staff to manage
- Internal staff SMTP addresses can be masked to ensure privacy
- Compliance with data jurisdiction requirements of storage within national boundaries

Common Questions

Q: I am not legally obligated to use email encryption, why do I need secure messaging?
A: We provide a fully hosted messaging service that is a value-add to existing email and provides productivity benefits, easier file transfer as well as messaging tracking. The encrypted channel is a benefit on top of all this.

Q: My current encryption product is much cheaper
A: Try it for free and you’ll realize what you are missing. We offer true seamless use with integrations into Outlook, browser and mobile apps. The patented Delivery Slip also offers benefits such as being able to see when recipients viewed your message, true message recall helps prevent mistaken deliveries. DLP features can help automate secure messaging and prevent data leaks pre-emptively

Q: I don’t want my data stored in the cloud where it is can be stolen or intermingled with other data
A: By definition, when you use email, your data is stored outside the organization on public SMTP servers it travels on. The average email goes through a hoop around the globe hitting 8 SMTP servers. Even if you encrypt these messages with traditional complicated methods, they are still stored outside your firewall on these public SMTP servers for months. We offer an alternative to these public SMTP servers focusing of safe delivery of your content. Your messages can still be stored in your mail sever behind your firewall. Additionally, we encrypt everything with AES256-bit on this one centralized transit server.

Q: Email encryption is too complex to deploy, I don’t want to disrupt my employees
A: Our solution does not require any configuration on the email server and does not change current user workflow; it simply adds the option to securely send messages or allows an administrator to enforce secure delivery of specific content based on company rules

Q: My customers are not tech-savvy and will not be able to understand how to use the service
A: Our solution is incredibly simple to use and easy to set up, regardless of what email service is being used, taking advantage of the Outlook plugin and extension for Google Chrome and Office 365 to offer seamless use within your email client

Q: Can I trial the service?
A: I can set up a trial with you on the phone and will send you your first secure messages – please use it for 30 days at no cost

ForcEncrypt is a complete end-to-end encryption solution offering cloud secure messaging.  ForcEncrypt easily integrates to the platforms you use most, including Outlook, Chrome, andmobile apps.

 ForcEncrypt ensures your organization meets strict compliance needs.

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