Create New LiveLink - Autotask Admin

1. Go to the ADMIN Menu at the top menu bar
2. On the left, select AutotaskExtend -> Tools -> LiveLinks Designer
3. Go to the Applications tab
4. Click New
5. Enter the following:
- *LiveLink Application Name*: Credentials
- *Requires Authentication*: User-Level
6. Go back to the LiveLinks tab
7. Click New
8. Enter the following: 

  •  LiveLink Name: View User Quarantine 
  •  Label: View User Quarantine 
  •  Category: Managed Services
  •  LiveLink Application Name: Mailprotector
  •  Entity: Ticket 
  •  Base URL:
  •   entity = qurantine
  •  password = <Application_Password>
  •  autotask_email = <CONTACTE-MAILADDRESS>
  •  username = <Application_Username>
  •  target = quarantine

The first time a user uses the link, Autotask will prompt them for a
username and password -- this should your Autotask username and password.
Autotask will store this in the " Credentials" LiveLink that
you created above, and pass them to the Merge Ticket LiveLink when needed.

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