LiveLinks - How to add Mailprotector LiveLinks to Autotask panel

LiveLink Description and Purpose: 

Mailprotector LiveLinks are configured for the Autotask Reseller to integrate with your Mailprotector Customers. You can configure and download LiveLinks as direct link to settings and account related pages.  This integration provides you with single setup for all customers.  No more trying to remember and manage individual user credentials.

Note:  To view LiveLink redirect windows, you will need to enable Pop-ups or add to your exception list. 

Example:  In chrome browser, navigate to Settings | Show Advanced Settings | Privacy | Content Settings | Pop-ups.  

LiveLink Targets (with description):

User Page Target Description
Reseller Dashboard/Main dashboard

Login to Customer Dashboard

Customer Main customer Login to Customer Main Page
Customer Domains domains Login to Customers Domains
Customer Settings customer_settings Login to Customer Settings
Contact User user Login to User Main Page
Contact User Quarantine quarantine

Login to User Quarantine Page

Contact User Allow/Block user_allow_block Login to User Allow/Block List
Contact User Settings user_settings Login to User Settings Page
Contact User Content Rules user_content_rules Login to User Content & Policy

Entitiy Options (with descriptions):

Account Customer
Contact Users
Ticket Assign from Ticket


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