Blocking External Attachments of a Specific Type

You may, depending on your needs, wish to block some or all external attachments from reaching your users. As with most Mailprotector settings, this can be performed at either the User, User Group, or Domain level.

In this example, we will create a rule to send all inbound email containing a .zip file to the users Policy Quarantine for the domain

You can define and block attachments using your Mailprotector Management Panel.  You can block attachments at various levels.

  • Domain (this example)
  • User Group
  • Individual User

Once you decide where to create this rule, you will navigate to this Domain/User Group/Individual user and click Content & Policy (right navigation) > Custom button (top navigation).

Click 'Add Inbound' button to create the custom rule.  Note:  With SafeSend, you can also create outbound content rules here.

In this case, we have defined any attachment ending in .zip will be sent to our Policy Quarantine.

Defined Here:

Next Step:  Pick Action to take on on inbound email matching that Criteria.  In this case we will send to the Policy Quarantine. Then click Save.

Now all messages inbound containing a zip attachment will be quarantined in the users Policy Quarantine.  

For information on setting permissions on Quarantine management see our related article Managing User Quarantine

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