LiveLink - How to add User Quarantine (on ticket)

Instructions for adding a LiveLink to access a users quarantine:

  1. Login to your Autotask console
  2. Navigate to Admin | LiveLink Designer
  3. Click New - New LiveLink window pops up
  4. Enter LiveLink Name - Ex: 'Mailprotector User Quarantine'
  5. Enter Label and Description
  6. From Category dropdown, select 'Managed Services'
  7. From LiveLink Application Name dropdown, select 'Mailprotector'
  8. Enter Base URL or
  9. Entity - Select 'Ticket'
  10. Enter Form Post Parmeters - Click New
  • username- <Applicatin_Username>
  • password - <Application_Password>
  • autotask_email - <ContactE-MailAddress>
  • target - quarantine

Optional:  You can test the new LiveLink - Try it Now option.

Click Save & Close

See the following video to see this process in action.




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