Autotask Integration

Mailprotector integrates with Autotask to provide a seamless single pane management portal.  With this integration you can set up and manage services, report usage back (for billing and invoicing).  You can also download LiveLinks from your Autotask AXN catalog to help support your team through one-click access to your Mailprotector management panel.

To activate Autotask integration:  From your Mailprotector management console | Reseller | Integrations - Use the + button to enable the integration.



Selecting the Gear icon next to your new integration provides you with the assign services option.  You can select the corresponding Autotask services from this page.



Video shows the process of activating Autotask integration and authenticating with your Autotask username and password.


The services are defined from your Autotask administrative panel.  Select Admin > Products and Services > Services from your Autotask portal.  You can review/add/modify the services from this page.


Define from Autotask:

  • Service Name - (Ex: SecureStore5)
  • Description - Description of product.  (Ex: SecureStore 5 year archiving)
  • Invoice Description
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Vendor Name - Mailprotector
  • Period Type - Monthly
  • Unit Cost 
  • Unit Price
  • Allocation Code
  • Active


Once you have Services defined you can assign from the Mailprotector Integrations Settings page.  This assignment of services to autotask contracts allows Mailprotector to report back detailed usage to your Autotask panel daily.



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