Exchange+ Domain Status Report

With the latest release to our Mailprotector Console our Hosted Exchange and CloudMail clients can now check their SRV records along with their MX records.

To check your domains record simply click on the Domain > Main > Status button (either green/good or red/bad button in the top left portion of the page)



What each check means:

MX records - Point your domains inbound email to Mailprotector for scanning.

Autodiscover SRV record (for Hosted customers) - Resolves your autodiscover query to Mailprotector systems.  This is used primarily by Hosted Exchange and Outlook clients in automating the account setup and enabling the full suite of features in Exchange +.  With a properly configured SRV record, the user will simply need to enter an email address and the password for that account.  All other provisioning and server settings will be automatic.

Autodiscover CNAME:  This record should not exist for autodiscover.  Having an autodiscover CNAME will result in certificate errors.

Autodiscover Wildcard:  You should not have a wildcard entry for your domain.  Wildcard entries such as * will resolve for and result in either the request going to the wrong server or a certificate error.




Service Detail:

CloudMail customers can also configure this same SRV record.  Users will query the same proxy servers using an Outlook auto configure.  The results will be to automatically configure the new user with the appropriate IMAP settings.

Hybrid/Split Services:  Domains with users on both hosted platforms (Exchange + and Cloudmail) can use the same SRV record as explained above.  Mailprotector proxy servers know what User Group a specific mailbox resides and queries that specific hosted environment for the appropriate configuration settings.

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