Domain Status Report with Exchange+ Enabled


The Status of each domain is on the "Overview" page. The Status can be viewed for each domain by navigating to that domain's "Overview" page in Mailprotector's Console at


Status Indicators

Mail Flow

This Status indicates whether Mailprotector has seen email successfully delivered to the destination host within the last 15-20 minutes. This Status can show a false result if Mailprotector's logs are behind by more than 20 minutes. It is recommended to always confirm email delivery at the destination server if a Mail Flow problem is suspected.

MX Records

Confirms the domain's inbound email is directed to Mailprotector for scanning. The recommended MX record is shown by clicking the status indicator.


A failure result will show if other MX records are included with the recommended hosts, even at a lower priority. The problem with adding non-Mailprotector records is it allows spammers to go around the email security filtering.

SPF Record

The indicator checks for Mailprotector's inclusion of outbound hosts in the domain's SPF record. The recommended record is:

v=spf1 -all

The SPF record is only essential if the domain relays outbound email through Mailprotector. If the domain is only using inbound email filtering (CloudFilter), this Status can be ignored.


NOTE: Autodiscover only applies to domains using Mailprotector's hosted Exchange+ service.

Microsoft Outlook, smartphones, tablets, and other devices use Autodiscover to be connected to the domain's Mailprotector hosted Exchange+ mailbox. The Status is checking the SRV record for the domain. The recommended values for the SRV record are shown by clicking on the status indicator.


Additional status checks for a CNAME or Wildcard record on the domain are made to show potential conflicts that could cause unexpected behavior with the Autodiscover process.


CNAME Record: A CNAME record should not exist for autodiscover. The record could cause certificate errors or failed connection attempts to the hosted Exchange+ mailbox.

Wildcard Record: A Wildcard record is often used to resolve websites to a domain without having to use "www" at the beginning of the website address. However, this can cause the Autodiscover process to receive an answer from the web hosting provider or the hostname and receive incorrect or incomplete configuration data. If a wildcard record exists, it may be possible to work around it. But, it requires advanced configuration and is not fully supported by Mailprotector's Partner Succes team.

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