Download Outlook - Add on to Exchange+

The following links are provided to legacy customers that licensed an Outlook client through Mailprotector, as an add-on to their Exchange+ hosted mailbox. The customer or partner must have the Product Key associated with the installation media, which is not retail or OEM. The installation media below is for the specific Mailprotector provided Product Key received at the time of licensing.

NOTE: Mailprotector no longer provides Outlook client licensing. Legacy customers that still have their Product Key may download and install the matching client from the links below. If the customer or partner no longer has the Product Key available, please notify the Partner Success team to have the Outlook license removed from the user(s) Mailprotector subscription.

The recommended licensing options are via Office 365 Office App licensing or other partner preferred software distributors.

Last Service Provider Licensed Releases

Outlook 2016 for Mac

Outlook 2016 - 32 bit for Windows

Outlook 2016 - 64 bit for Windows

Other Supported Versions

Outlook 2013 - 32 bit for Windows

Outlook 2013 - 64 bit for Windows


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