Configuring Secure Circle

SafeSend enables you to enforce policies and compliance rules to protect your organization from data leakage & reputation-damaging spam, viruses, and malware from within. 

- force TLS encryption
- works on a single recipient addresses or an entire domain
- web console feedback instantly tells you if TLS is supported by the recipient domain
- gives you peace of mind about the safety of your data 

With our SafeSend service enabled(see info here.), you have the Secure Circle feature available. The Secure Circle is a list of recipient addresses or domains that will be delivered to via a secure encrypted connection using TLS. 

From your Domains main page, click the "Secure Circle" link found down the right hand side of the page. On the Secure Circle page, you can add addresses or entire domains to your circle by clicking the "Add contact" button.



From the Secure Circle page, you can also view the status of secure delivery for the recipients listed. If TLS is not supported by the recipient server, a red "X" will be displayed, indicating secure deliveries are not supported for that address or domain. You can also enable or disable secure delivery for any addresses or domains listed for your circle.

What happens if an address in my SecureCircle does not support encrypted email?

Answer:  If you have an address listed in your circle that does not support TLS,  the message will return to the sender (you) with a brief explanation of this in the NDR.  Any address not in your SecureCircle will try a TLS connection and if not supported the message will deliver unencrypted.


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