XtraMail Overview and Settings

With our XtraMail service enabled, In the event that your server goes offline, your users simply go to XtraMail webmail panel, logging in with their email address and the password assigned in your Mailprotector management console. For Password configuration instructions, click here. If your local server goes offline, users can login to the Xtramail website to send and send/receive/manage their email. 

Optional: If you have clients that would prefer to use an email client with XtraMail (instead of or in conjunction with the webmail portal), you can configure your Outlook, mobile, or other email client using Either POP3 or IMAP.  It's as easy as

  1. Set passwords for your Users in XtraMail.
  2. Configure the email client to the following
  • Email address
  • Password - Set in step 1 above
  • Hostname:  imap.xtramail.email

IMAP Ports:  

  • Inbound:  Encryption: SSL (required)  Default secure Port: 993
  • Outbound/SMTP:  Hostname: smtp.cloudmail.email  Port: 587


See the attached PDF for a full description.

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