XtraMail - Setting user passwords

Video: Setting User Passwords



Before your users can access their email via the XtraMal panel, they need to have passwords configured.

There are two ways to set your user passwords for use with Mailprotector XtraMail services.

1.  Preset user passwords on your Mailprotector management console:

You can set individual passwords ahead of time from your console by logging on and selecting Domains | Users | select individual user | click Settings.

From the settings page of the individual user, you can change or view a temporary password.  (see below)





2.  Reset all or a group of passwords in one step:

If your users do not have passwords and/or you would like to set them all to a default (same) password you can do so by logging into the specific domain or user group and selecting the Reset Passwords button.  You can select one, multiple or all users within a group to apply the password to.  Once selected you will see the following page:



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