Why do I need XtraMail and how do I turn it on

Video: Enabling XtraMail


Think of XtraMail as a spare tire for your email. XtraMail receives a copy of every message that's sent or received to/from your email server. If your email systems go down your users simply log in to the XtraMail webmail console until your mail server is back online.

With XtraMail from Mailprotector standing in, you're free to get your email server back online without the added pressure of losing your vital communications. Your business keeps moving no matter what. Xtramail stores a backup of all inbound mail, and if your local server goes offline, users can login to the Xtramail website to send and receive their email. See XtraMail screenshots and information here.

 Like all other Mailprotector Service offerings, you can enable at the domain or in a sub User Group.  This gives you the granularity to control which users subscribe to any given service.

To enable XtraMail for your Domain or User Group, simply select the Domain/User Group > add/remove services > XtraMail > Add Service.

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