(2013) Step 1: Add/Remove/Manage Your Exchange Mailboxes

NOTE: There is no tie between Exchange and Console passwords; resetting one will not impact the other.

To add new users to an existing domain or to add your list of valid users to a newly added domain, you will first login to the Mailprotector console at https://console.mailprotector.com.  Then navigate to Domains | Select Domain to Manage | Users | Manage Exchange button.

Video: Logging in to the Exchange+ Panel


Video: Adding a New Exchange Mailbox



Click the “Domains” link located either at the top of the page or on the right hand side of the page.



From the "Domains" page click on the domain name you wish to manage. he-step1-fig2.png


Then, from the domains "Main" page, select "Users" from the right navigation.



From the "Users" page click the “Manage Exchange" button found in the toolbar at the top of the page.



The Manage Exchange button will log you in to your Exchange panel where you will enter all Mailboxes, Contacts, Distribution Lists, alias, and public folder data.  You will want to make sure all mail-enabled addresses are entered here prior to changing your MX records.



Enter the required information:

  • Display name- The name displayed for the user. Ex.- john Doe
  • Email address- enter anything before the ‘@’ in the users address. Make sure to select the correct domain name from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the desired password.
  • Select Mailbox plan:  Basic, Advanced, or Premium
  • When all entries are complete, click the “Create mailbox” button found near the bottom.



  • The Mailboxplan Name will correspond and be placed with the group on your Mailprotector management console seen below


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NOTE:  You will want to create mailbox entries, not users. When a mailbox is created, a user is also auto created for that mailbox.

See the below video for a short demonstration of how to

  1. Access your Exchange panel
  2. Add a Mailbox
  3. Add a Distribution List
  4. Add a Contact
  5. Modify a Distribution list to add a contact


Any address not entered as a mail enabled address (Mailbox/Contacts/Distribution Lists/Mail-enabled Public Folders) will be considered invalid and will generate an “Invalid recipient” return email to the sender.

Step 2: Changing your DNS/MX Records »



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