(2013) Step 2: Changing your DNS/MX records

After completing Step 1: Adding users, all you need to do is make the following DNS/ MX record changes to get your Mailprotector Hosted Exchange service up and running:

DNS/MX Record Changes - The 'On' switch

  • Delete all current MX records

  • Enter new MX Records:

    10 MX yourdomain.com.us.emailservice.io.

    yourdomain = The domain you are setting up.

    Example: For Domain Name mailprotector.com

    10 MX mailprotector.com.us.emailservice.io.


Once complete, public DNS will begin to update and new email routed to Mailprotector.  Full propagation can take 24-48 hours based on your DNS host and the associated TTL for the MX records.

You can confirm your MX records are correct from your Mailprotector Management console status page.





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